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Shenzhen Sunnywale electronics Co., Ltd., Since its establishment in 2006, We have been adhering to the faith of integrity first, Customer first, Cautious and conscientious, Adhere to the position, Never boast and other principles active in the semiconductor security monitoring market, Become the most reliable and trustworthy enterprise.
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Since 2006, The company established the semiconductor business division: The company's professional sales agents security, Surveillance cameras, Industrial cameras, Microscopes, vision machines, Traffic recorders, Motion cameras...Image electronic products such as SONY Analog ,Digital Image sensor CCD(ICX.....),CMOS(IMX.....)SHARPPanasoniaAPTINAOnsemiKodakOmniVision ... CCD/CMOS Image Sensor /AmbarellaSONIX Encoder DSP  ARM progrmmable IC;Thermopile temperature sensor, pyroelectric infrared temperature sensor, etc.
At the beginning of 2018, The company established the finished products business division: We are a sales agent for the consumer electronics OEM of international famous brands to directly supply finished products, Ensuring the best quality and far lower than the market price.
We welcome customers, Peers, Suppliers, Friends come to visit, Grow together, The company's door is always open to welcome your presence and guidance.
Hotline: +86 138 232 78789 with China Mobile company, We has been unchanged.

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